Digital/Microfilm Conversion

Digital/Microfilm Conversion


Micro Image Corp. has the expertise and state of the art imaging equipment to perform any Digital Conversion project. Let us transfer your Digital Images back to Archival Film.

Micro Image Corp. can cost effectively convert your digital data into superior quality archival microfilm images. With state of the art equipment for data conversion, image recording, processing and inspection, Micro Image Corp. can produce more than one hundred million images per year, using a networked conversion center powered by high performance Electron Beam Film recorders.

Micro Image Corp. electron beam image recording technology, proven across many high performance applications, enables Micro Image Corp. to provide its customers with a cost effective way to produce the highest quality image sin the world. The recorders produce a variety of 16mm, 35mm, 70mm and 105mm fiche and film bitonal and gray products. Customers include local, state, and federal governments, printing and publishing companies, financial firms and insurance companies. This process is ideal for specialty applications that require superior quality archival microfilm.

Micro Image Corp. can record microfilm at 300, 400, 600 and higher dots per inch (dpi). Higher resolution makes E-Beam Film clearer and easier to read and scan back to digital in the future.

Send your digital data over the internet or on CDs or other media to Micro Image Corp. and we will convert it to superior quality on E-Beam Film. Archivists, historians, and librarians throughout the world recognize E-Beam Film for digital preservation.

Industries Using E-Beam Film:

  • Rare Books and Manuscripts
  • Engineering Drawings and Technical Manuals
  • Government Records at all levels
  • Financial Records
  • Medical Imagery

Preserve important documents and historical records for future generations with the highest quality imagery.